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EATON's Cooper Bussmann

The EATON's Cooper Bussmann brand is the industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs of electrical and electronic fuses, fuse h ...
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Welcome to contact EATON's Cooper Bussmann authorized distributor - Bolfmax co.,ltd.

About us

Bolfmax co.,ltd is always concentrate on the products and solutions for the electronic and electrical circuit protection.

As EATON's Cooper Bussmann's authrized distributor, we provide all round circuit protection products and technology support to our customers, include fuses, fuse holders, fuse blocks, disconnect switches and the accessories. The customers we service is all over the electronic and electrical ereas of military, industrial, medical, commercial and civil....

We guarantee ...

Quality Assurance
- all components are EATON's Cooper Bussmann Original.
Efficient Service & Least Cost
- because here is just You, us, and EATON's Cooper Bussmann.
Professional Pre-sale & After-sale Service
- all of our sales are major in engineering and had passed EATON's Cooper Bussmann's internal training.

What Cooper Bussmann products, What we sale ...