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CH__J_ Class J Modular Fuse Holders

Description: IP20 finger-safe, 1- to 3-pole Class J fuse holder with DIN rail or panel mounting.

Volts: 600Vac/dc (or less)
Amps: 30A (30A version); 60A (60A version)
Withstand Rating SCCR: 200kA

Wire Range: Cu solid and stranded conductors with single (1-18AWG) and dual (3-18AWG) wire ratings.
Torque Rating:10-18AWG 24 lb-in. 1-8AWG 35 lb-in.
Poles: 1-, 2- or 3-Pole.
IP Rating:  IP20 (Finger-Safe) 
Clip Material: Tin-Plated Copper
Housing Material: UL 94V0 Thermoplastic
Minimum Indicating Voltage(Neon Lamp): 90Vac/115Vdc
Nominal Operating Current (Neon Lamp):34mA (460Vac)
Max Operating Temperature: 85°C
Storage & Operating Temperature Range*: -20°C to 75°C

Agency Information: CE, UL 4248/CSA 22.2 No. 4248.
Flammability Rating: UL 94V0.

Features and Benefits
• Choice of local fuse indication; easyID™ viewing window (for seeing indicator on LPJ-SPI indicating fuse) or neon lamp.
• Versatile 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions for 0-30A and 35-60A fuses with dual wire rated connections simplify wiring.
• Improved electrical safety with IP20 finger-safe construction with lock-out/tag-out feature. 3-phase fuse extraction assures all phases are opened for service work.
• Flexible panel/35mm DIN rail mounting mounting options
*For fuse selection on applications above or below 25ºC, consult derating charts in Cooper Bussmann publication “Selecting Protective Devices” (SPD).

Ganging Assembly

Catalog Numbers
Max Fuse Size  Poles easyID. Window  Neon Lamp Indicating 
30A  1 CH30J1  CH30J1I 
  2 CH30J2  CH30J2I 
  3 CH30J3  CH30J3I 
60A  1 CH60J1  CH60J1I 
  2 CH60J2  CH60J2I 
  3 CH60J3  CH60J3I 

Part Number  Description  Carton Qty. 
2A1073  Ganging Kit (Single Pole)  1 Spring Pins 3 Plastic Connectors 
2A1777  Circuit Markers  100

Dimensions - in (mm)

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